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“Krishnasanjeevani Ayurveda” provides you the excellent Ᾱyurvedic Care for your Body and Mind through the most traditional methods. “Ayurveda” the science of Life has the history of more than 5000 years which aims mainly at preservation and promotion of health and the prevention of Diseases. Reward of Happy life is said to be superior most amongst all the religions, that’s why Ayurveda is said to be most sacred.

This Science is mainly based on the Panca Mahābhūta Theory and Tri Dōṣa Theory; the equilibrium of this is the basic attribute of our body and it’s made up of the five basic elements and the abode of Soul or the Ātma for experiencing pleasures and pains. The Mind, Soul and the Body are the Tripod on combination of which the world is sustained; this is the substratum of the Ayurveda.

We strongly follow the fundamental principles of Ᾱyurveda and bring you 100% authentic Ayurvedic products and medicines handpicked by Ayurvedic experts and prepared by traditional practices handed down through generations. We are passionate in our endeavour to provide the best experience and health outcome to our customers. 

KRISHNASANJEEVANI aims at your good health by maintaining Ᾱyurvedic life style. We advise ‘Pathyas’ (Ᾱyurvedic diets and regimens) and medications for the one who desires and deserves.



To become a leader in Ayurvedic Health by uniquely combining the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and customized to the contemporary needs and lifestyles, in our constant endeavour to provide the best health outcomes through our treatments and high level of professionalism.


Committed to enhancing health, wellbeing and positivity to all the lives that we touch through comprehensive approach towards health while propagating the values of Ayurveda.

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Krishnasanjeevani Ayurveda Doctor Haritha
Dr. Haritha Vijayan


Dr. Haritha Vijayan is the Chief Physician and Cofounder of Krishnasanjeevani Ayurveda.  She is a young and enthusiastic Ayurvedic Practitioner and entrepreneur. Dr. Haritha has had the great privilege of learning the ancient methods of Ayurvedic treatment in the tutelage of some of the greatest practitioners in India.

She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from Aroor Lakshmi Narayana Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College in Chickamangalore, Karnataka in 2013. She devoted herself to practicing Ayurveda in Vaidyagrama Ayurvedic Healing Village (A Punarnava Initiative) in Chavadi, Coimbatore. Her passion to know more and learn from experienced practitioners took her to Samhita Siddhanta Sanskrit in Amrita School of Ayurveda, Amritapuri where she completed her Post Graduation/MD.

She is passionate about providing the best health outcomes to the customers and about maintaining very high standards of knowledge and treatments and at the same time, propagate the importance and benefits of the ancient science Ayurveda.

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krishnasanjeevani ayurveda founder Krishnachandran
Mr. Krishnachandran


Mr. Krishnachandran is the Director and Cofounder of Krishnasanjeevani Ayurveda. He is the force that brings all together. His passion to bring the ancient practices of Ayurveda and providing high quality, affordable treatments with the efficient use of innovative technologies to everyone who desires and deserves is the central idea from where Krishnasanjeevani took shape.

By profession, Krishnachandran is a Broadcasting Engineer who has worked in most of the leading broadcasting corporations in Kerala for over 14 years. He graduated from Calicut University, Kerala in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

His vision is to make Krishnasanjeevani Ayurveda a household name and to propagate the ancient and precious wealth through health to all and drastically improve the quality of life through natural, chemical free, traditionally prepared Ayurvedic medicines.

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