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About Krishnasanjeevani Ayurveda

Krishnasanjeevani Ayurveda” provides you the excellent Ᾱyurvedic Care for your Body and Mind through the most traditional methods.

We Strongly follow the fundamental principles of Ayurveda and bring you 100% authentic Ayurvedic products and medicines handpicked by Ayurvedic Experts and prepared by traditional practices handed down through generations.

Krishnasanjeevani Ayurveda aims at your good health by maintaining Ᾱyurvedic life style. We advise ‘Pathyas’ (Ayurvedic diets and regimens) and medications for the one who desires and deserves.

Fundamental Tenets of Our Practice

Advising Disease based Pathyas (Diets and Regimens)

Prescribing best medicines according to Body Constitution

Treatments based on the Metabolic Fire / Agni Assessment

Medications based on the Doshik status of the Disease


krishnasanjeevani ayurvedic immune system

Immuno Modulatory

krishnasanjeevani ayurvedic postnatal care

Post-Natal Care & Medications

krishnasanjeevani ayurvedic spinal cord treatment

Spine & Neck Care Management

krishnasanjeevani ayurvedic fat treatment

Metabolic Disorder and Customized Dietary Advice

Lifestyle Disorder Management & Diabetic Care

Lifestyle Disorder Management & Diabetic Care

Body Constitution Assessment (Prakṛiti)

Body Constitution Assessment Prakriti

krishnasanjeevani ayurvedic hair treatment with best results

Hair & Skin Care Management

krishnasanjeevani ayurvedic Women-Clinic

Women’s Health Clinic

krishnasanjeevani ayurvedic wound treatment

Wound Care & Management

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